Star Journey
  – Tool for Self-Reflection –


What It Is

Star Journey is a powerful tool for self-reflection, for your personal growth and transformation. Use it to tap inner knowing. You'll discover valuable insights and develop practical ways to improve your life. Use Star Journey to solve problems, make decisions, or simply get fresh ideas about a personal challenge. Explore topics in your own life such as love, work, money, health, and more.

The Basic Components

At the core of Star Journey is a set of 96 simple Symbols. Colorful images and related keywords along with a Guided Process lead you on a JOURNEY, one of finding inner awareness that will help resolve personal issues. In addition, the symbols inter-connect to form the system's Circle Pattern, a new map of consciousness or the inner self. Learn more about the dynamics of self revealed in this map through Geer's books and workshops.









Now in Several Formats

Star Journey is available in many different media / formats, giving you options for use. See Store & Services for details. 

  • Printed Books and Cards – Including Geer's latest book Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self, where symbols have their own voice in rich narrative text. (2nd edition now paperback!)
  • Interactive Tools – Online versions of the book and symbols, plus Membership Tools that include the Goal Journey, the Personal Portrait, a private Diary record and journal, Forum and more (free 30-day trial!)
  • iPhone/iPad – App for portable use, Star Journey on the go!
  • Virtual World version – Experience Star Journey as a 3D, interactive and multi-user tool in virtual world Second Life. The Symbols come to life on Star Journey Island!
  • Live streaming of workshops and classes, with audience interaction and video library
  • Transition Coaching – Our new variable length life coaching service


Explore & Discover

I encourage you to explore all that's on this website ... and also experience the engaging Star Journey in its virtual world format. On this site are Star Journey books, products, a growing list of online tools, along with forum, news blog and more. I've expanded on earlier Star+Gate titles, creating new formats that add dimension and meaning. Also, check out the new Learning section for information on our workshops and presentations, with articles and free downloadable content. Meet the team of friends who helped build Star Journey island. Meet the artists we exhibit and more. Experience the world of Star Journey in all its forms. Remember: The Answers Are Within You !!!

And by all means Enjoy,

Richard Geer

Richard H. Geer, MTh
Author & Founder
Star Journey Symbol Method