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Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self
Picturing the Personal Universe and How It Works

Reviewing this blessed set of 96 symbolic cards, a poster of the circle pattern showing the organization of the symbols and 317 page e-book was like visiting an old friend years later, to see she had changed her name, grown up and expanded in all the right places. I saw her for the first time in the early 80s when I purchased her from a book store (trademark name STAR+GATE) because there was just something there that really appealed to me, there was a book included in the set back then, and a mat with a spread on it you could lay the cards on.

Over many years this great find has been a part of my life, I used to do readings with these cards at psychic fairs, and I would use them a lot for myself too. I would have to say that there is no set of divination tools that have changed and directed my life as much as these have. So imagine my surprise when I was asked to review the very system that had changed my life and helped to shape the Spiritual Warrior I am today.

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December, 2010


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Star Journey Symbol System – Unique and Modern Self-discovery Tool

Review by Michael Wall

How often does a truly unique and different method for personal reflection and inspiration come along? The Star Journey symbol system, first released in 1984, has once again transformed itself, and offers users an easy, empowering set of tools for self exploration, decision making, understanding relationships and more.

The original core elements of Star Journey are a series of 96 simple archetypal images, and a geometric grid called “The Circle Pattern”. When first published, the images were a deck of cards, which was the mechanism for random selection. Recently the methodology for accessing the system took a quantum leap through the creation of an interactive virtual world within which the symbols can be encountered in real time.

The symbols are simple and rely on familiarity for interpretation, in contrast to needing to study or memorize pre-assigned meanings. For example, the Pearl might suggest the idea of beauty, value or incremental growth depending on the perspective of the querent.

Each image is related to one of seven distinct “Levels of Living” that describe aspects of the inner landscape of the mind or psyche and their related cycles of growth, such as the Star symbols (fundamental energies of the self), Gifts (innate abilities) or Keys (life lessons learned through challenge).


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June 2010