Star Journey Academy



The Academy has been established for students of Star Journey Symbol Method who seek ongoing advanced courses. Also available are related programs for Teacher and Trainer levels. Classes are currently conducted in the virtual world format and are led by author Richard Geer.


To provide the highest level of knowledge and application of Star Journey Symbol Method. Students receive instruction about the method as 1) a cosmological model and 2) as a practical tool for problem solving in everyday life, and 3) sharing the latest developments on special applications of the tool and new extensions.


Course Descriptions

1.  Star Journey – The Model

Understanding the organization and dynamics of the Circle Pattern (10 week series)

Learn about the structure of the Circle Pattern. Discover the 12-fold Cycle of Growth and related Gateway themes, inner Gardens, the Seas, the Stars, and the 7 distinct Levels of Consciousness.

Learn about each Level of Consciousness and explore the set of symbols within that Level.

Sessions are currently held in virtual classroom at Star Journey Academy.

Individual class content:

  • Introduction, the organization and framework of the Circle Pattern
  • Levels In-depth, the 12 Universal Energies – Star symbols (A–L)
  • Symbolic Conditions – State symbols (1-12)
  • Types of Self-Expression – Star-cross symbols (13–24)
  • Star-cross symbols, cont. (25–36)
  • Inner Guiding Qualities – Gift symbols (37–48)
  • Symbols of Challenge – Key symbols (49–60)
  • Inner Attitudes and Approaches – Gate symbols (61–72)
  • Kinds of Fulfillment – Sign symbols (73–84)
  • Final Class: Review, sharing, conclusion, celebrate!


2. Star Journey – The Tool

Using the Symbols and "Games of Meaning" to gain personal insights (8 week series)

The "Guided Process" of interpretation, developing one's own unique meaning, understanding each step of the process.

How to utilize all of Star Journey's "Games of Meaning": The Glimpse, Goal, and Dare To Dream Journeys; the Personal Portrait; the Relationship Linking technique

Explore special applications and uses

These sessions will be held partly in the virtual world classroom — plus visiting interactive symbols on Star Journey island — much experiential learning!

Individual class content:

  • About the "Guided Process," building one's own unique interpretation, understanding each step
  • How-to session: The 1-symbol Glimpse Journey
  • How-to: The 3-symbol Goal Journey
  • How-to: 2-symbol Dare To Dream Journey
  • Describe yourself through symbols – creating your Personal Portrait
  • Solving relationship issues – the Relationship Linking technique
  • Uses & Applications – Case studies and personal accounts
  • Final Class: Review, sharing, conclusion, celebrate!











Sample slideshows of course content for download:

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SJ Academy-1.2 (Rings-Stars).ppt7.05 MB