What People are Saying...


"I consider Richard Geer to be a modern day wizard, a visionary whose genius is reflected in his book, Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self, as well as new formats for his symbol-based self discovery tool, including interactive versions on his website, in virtual worlds, and in social media."

Caroline Myss
Best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity


"We at Holos are all very pleased with Richard Geer's Master's essays and the amazing work he has done developing Star Journey.  We feel blessed to be part of developing this work further and helping to bring it to broader audiences in North America and around the earth. What joy!"
(Essays full text: http://holosuniversity.net/dissertations.php)

Bob Nunley
Professor & Dean of Faculty
Holos University Graduate Seminary


"This phenomenal teacher and friend has been in my spiritual tool box for around 30 years, and I am so pleased and honored to share [Star Journey] with you. I would recommend this unique guide to anyone wanting a new experience that can last a lifetime.

"Thank you so much Richard, I doubt I will ever be able to find the right words to express my gratitude to you for definitely changing my life and the life of millions for the better."

Riki Frahmann
Mystic Living Today

Review, December 2010


"We need tools like Star Journey to help so many people who are struggling with chronic health needs, patients who are trying to find meaning in their everyday lives and the progression of their disease. Graduate nursing students at UNC benefit from learning about Star Journey, and the better they know themselves the better equipped they are to help others.

"A change in viewpoint – a change in heart – can change everything."

Sonya Hardin, PhD, RN
Professor of Nursing
East Carolina University
North Carolina



"I have worked as an Intensive In-Home Child and Family Therapist for the past seven years. Many of my clients have been through the mill of the entire mental health system; they are just plain sick, tired and jaded with therapy! I have used Star Journey with many of these troubled teens and their families, and have been able to engage them rapidly and with depth.

"Star Journey brushes aside resistance and plumbs the depths of issues large and small. As a personal tool for self-care, I depend on Star Journey regularly; it is an essential tool for me personally and professionally."

Gerry Marr, MA, MFT
Counseling Team Leader
Windhorse Integrative Mental Health
San Luis Obispo, CA


"Star Journey is one of the new leading edge sciences utilizing forms of Interpersonal Psychology with a spirituality focus, helping people connect with themselves and their environment."

Raja Vidya Dasa
Michael Higgs - Mental Health Intern
Ryerson University
Toronto, Canada

“I have used the Star-Gate/Star-Journey method to facilitate communication, insight, and problem solving for many years, in both my psychotherapy practice, and with my own children. The archetypal images are … ideal for dream work, identifying feeling states, and goals. Thank you, Richard Geer!”  

Gloria Reese, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
San Francisco Bay Area, California


"I have found Star Journey to be a positive and uplifting way to tap my own intuition about situations for which I needed clarity. After each journey, I have come away with an impression that I can act upon ... that inspires forward motion."

Tamra Hayden
Broadway Actress, Singer/Songwriter
New York, New York
"Star Journey playfully sparks the imagination, and provides a profound personal mirror."

Robert McNally
Game and Software Designer

"Are you engaged in self awareness and positive living? Star Journey offers the principles, purposes & practices that create positive living. I've found Star Journey's practical "scientific" tools and process so simple that anyone, even a child can do it. Yet so powerful, it's effects are "Life Changing" and "Permanent."

"I encourage all to visit them today to learn, engage, strengthen and lift your spirit. If you are a heart centered, spiritually-thoughtful person seeking to expand your consciousness, explore your thinking, and enrich your life, you will be ... home. Learn how to accomplish more in a few visits than most people do in a lifetime."
Lilly Calandrello
Personal growth expert, MS, MA, Ph.D.
Relationship, marriage, family therapist,
Motivational & inspirational speaker,
Spiritual intuitive counselor, and Author

"My experience through the dealings with mental health and SL as a whole is that sometimes one needs the escape to find oneself again. Star Journey offers that glimpse."
Theodore Hunter (aka Hunter Stern),
Certified Mental Health Advisor,
Mountain States Group, Inc.

"Star Journey has something for both experienced and new users of Second Life. It combines the open ended potential of exploration that makes Second Life compelling with structure and purpose that is important for many new users."

Steve Nelson
Chief Technology Officer
AP42 Agency
San Ramon, California
“Through the interactive experience of Star Journey I have increased my personal awareness of my place in the universe at large. I am no longer bound by my physical parameters, but am able to be what I choose to be. I have allowed myself to indulge in the open soul affirming joy of creative play, in a perfect environment of my choosing. I have met and shared this experience with like minds for which I will be forever grateful. Please allow yourself to partake of this unique experience.”

Medical Professional
Phoenix, Arizona