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One Woman's Journey to Fulfillment


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I visited the Goal Journey workshop, hoping to gain some insight into my current life situation.  I am a recent college graduate, who is used to working a full time job in retail while pursuing education.  However, that recently changed as I felt compelled to become a full time mother caring for my young daughter.  But in doing this, I felt lost, with little direction or answers as to what to do for my life and future.  I began looking inward, seeking spiritual paths and answers and was led by common coincidences and found Star Journey (in Second Life). 

At the session, I decided to volunteer to explore a question as part of the group, and it was an amazing, fulfilling experience.  I posed the question about my current situation, and it took me on an incredible journey of insight. 

To begin, up on the Star Deck I was asked to choose one of twelve doorways, Gateways, which are basic themes in Star Journey.  I instantly was attracted to “The Pure Water” Gateway because of a dream I had recently of running in water near a mountain.  It felt ‘right’.  This led us to The Pure Water Gateway Gallery, which was filled with amazing art work that put me in a state of calm and self-awareness.  In this room, I chose three random cards to begin my own Goal Journey. 

The first card was 75 The Cross. This was my Goal card. We teleported to the Cross room, where I instantly felt connection, and this card resonated deeply within me.

The keywords to this card are “Revelation, Spiritual Awakening, New Directions”, and the card information stated: “I stand at a glorious point, I am the sign of revelation, the Cross. I am fulfilled through seeing new directions and awakening the spiritual self.”

In my life, it seems there are many signs pointing me to pursuits of the spiritual.  And with this being my Goal card, it made total sense for me.  To find a fulfillment spiritually, which is what deeply I have been seeking and looking for in my life.  I was pleased to have drawn this card as my goal, and it made perfect sense for me.

Author Richard Greer helped explain the Circle Pattern chart with its various Levels of Living and how it related to consciousness. I saw that the Cross card was about inner experience, and it was in fact a symbol about Fulfillment.  With all of the ‘soul seeking’ I’ve been doing, it made complete sense that this card came up as a goal for me.

The second card that came up was 59 The Wand.  This was the Problem card, which meant what was keeping me from the Goal. We all teleported to the Wand area, where we saw a beautiful hot air balloon and wind chimes.  My initial first impression of the wand was “something magical, such as magical thinking or wishing, and of feelings such as having faith or belief in self (or lack thereof).”

The keywords to this card are “Imagining, Potentials, Will, Actualizing”, and the card information stated this: “Hop aboard, touch the Wand and begin your magical tour of what can be.: This is the challenge of potentials, moving from imagining to actualizing.”

This card information resonated deeply with me once again. With it being the problem card, it made total sense.  My problem is not actually taking the step necessary to see ‘what can be’, to ‘take a chance’ and follow my dreams.  This card was telling me the only problem is my failure to make the move from imagining to actualizing.  This to me is viewed as a ‘process’, steps to take in order to get where I’m going.  I just need to walk the path.

Richard Geer helped explain how this card fit onto the Circle Pattern chart, relating to consciousness. It was a ‘Key’ card, representing challenge.  This completely made sense, since it also was the problem card on the journey. The challenge is “to just hop on board and make it happen. “

My third card that came up was 79 The Cave.  This is the You Now card. This is where I am now in my life, and it was also another fulfillment card on the consciousness chart. We teleported to a beautiful cave, full of life, a waterfall, living creatures, and crystals. My first impressions of the cave was seclusion, or hiding. 

The keywords to this card are “inner resources, insight” and the card information said this: “Feel the power of the Cave. I reach intuitive awareness within.: This is fulfillment through using inner resources and gaining insight.”

With this being a fulfillment symbol, it is showing me that I am already using my inner resources to gain insight into my life, which is completely true! I realize the current feelings of seclusion and solitude (my intuitive impression) are also allowing me these opportunities of self insight. 

All three of these symbols resonated perfectly with me regarding my current life situation, and my interpretation was that the answer was to use the process (the wand) of actually just taking the steps in my life toward spiritual fulfillment. 

After this we teleported to the Envison Deck where we put all three cards there to see. At this point in the journey, I got to visualize the three symbols together in a picture.  The vision was instant clear to me.  “I am walking on a path and come out of a forest. The path leads into a cave, above which there is a large cross. I am carrying the wand. It is summer time, and the sun is shining through the trees illuminating the cave. It feels like I’ve found something, and the wand has led me there.”

In this vision, Richard noted that I placed the cross on the cave, as one unit. He suggested that it could mean I want to bring both types of fulfillment into my life, and it completely resonated with me as true. I was carrying the wand, using the ‘process’ to find my spiritual fulfillment; basically that walking the path will bring me there, to discover the treasure within myself; self fulfillment and happiness, and bring it into my life.  I just need to have the faith in myself to take action and diligently seek spiritual fulfillment, to make myself more whole.

This journey was incredible, and I look forward to sharing in more Journey’s.  It helped me gain new insight into my life, and look at things in a clearer and better perspective.

Christine Fearne





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A relationship matter ... or is it?



Goal                              Problem                         You Now


My friend wanted to get some insight on the relationship with her husband. She's been miserable for many years. I was using the printed cards, and had her draw from a hat. For her first symbol, she drew The Glass and started crying before I could even tell her it was her Goal symbol.

She said she needed to take a look at herself and quit focusing on what was wrong with him. The keyword of "vanity" jumped out at her. She pictured an antique wooden vanity with empty drawers.

The Butterfly was her obstacle or Problem. She felt like a "new her" was ready to Emerge, but she did feel worn and Fragile, not at all Carefree.
The Circle was the symbol she drew to represent her, You Now. She felt like she was running around in circles, and that described her perfectly.

For her Picture Story, she saw the wooden vanity and the drawers were empty. In her Best Picture, she was standing on an earth that was made of glass and that was the circle; this represented perfection to her. The antique vanity was still there, now the drawers were open and butterflies were pouring out, fluttering around her. She felt that in a way she was the vanity. Beautiful in its own way, and and she had an inner beauty that she could choose to keep to herself in the drawers or open to share with others.

She felt really good about the picture and about herself.

from Nya SpiritWeaver, May 24, 2011


Comments from Students


“As the meeting progressed, Starman discussed the symbol of the Eye, and he asked the audience what the symbol of the Eye meant to us?  I thought for a moment and typed in ‘the ability to see beyond what is actually there’. When the Eye card information was revealed, it said, ‘Perceiving, Vision – the ability to see inside and out, which helps one interpret life.’  Whoa, this is getting really deep, I thought to myself, and I am actually thinking outside of my concrete little world. Perhaps, he (Starman) is on to something.

“Reflecting back, I realize just how much I use my eyes to try to understand life. Whether it be the pictures or imagery I conjure up in my mind, or what I am actually seeing, my eyes seem to help me determine what my response or next course of action should be in a given situation.”

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“Star Journey provides a theoretical framework for nurses to gain self-awareness in order to be present and promote patient advocacy.”

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“CUP symbol – The cup can be seen as half empty or half full.  A half empty cup would be someone who would look at their life in a negative way.  A half full cup would be someone that looks at life in a positive manner.  My cup is half full most of the time.  I am a very giving and forgiving person and try to look at everything in a positive way.” 

“MOUNTAIN symbol – The most interesting part of the session for me was when we actually got to climb the mountain.  By being able to actually physically climb a mountain takes the symbol and the visualization of the mountain and puts it into an objective format. 

“I compare my educational advancement to the climb of the mountain. I feel I am getting closer to the top with all I have accomplished, but sometimes when I look up it seems there is yet a great distance.

“SWAN symbol – appealed to me as a symbol of serenity, beauty and balance. This image mirrors the balance I’m seeking in my life.”

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“Fire can symbolize anger and frustration, or the way I feel if I think I am neglecting one part of my life for another. Fire, therefore, was my problem symbol.

“The Key – the means of achieving my goal. With the Key I could become fulfilled through self-reflection and self-discovery. The key to solving my dilemma is to use self-reflection to become self-aware, and to use my innate talents to find self-fulfillment.

“Block – as my Goal symbol, urged me to block out negative thoughts and feelings that plague me as I attempt to juggle family and school. “

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“The Knight – a symbol both regal and royal, portrayed my futile attempt to be perfect in my goals of motherhood and student.

“The Rod, as described in Star Journey, signified a 'posture of clear strength, taking command,' leading and doing. In other words, as determined before, within me lies the strength to find balance in my life and be a successful mother and student.

“Mask – My initial feelings when first encountering the mask was a reluctance to put it on. I associate wearing a mask with hiding an aspect of one’s self from public view. Hiding stands in direct opposition to transparency, a quality that I value greatly, all the more so as I age and mature as a nurse, husband and man.  In my view, transparency allows for the development of personal authenticity.  I find that fostering my pursuit of personal authenticity allows for a peace of mind and sense of integrity vital to meaningful interactions with others.

“The Mask’s motto is: you can appreciate who you are and sometime we hide behind our own mask. The challenge is to accept the real you. The keywords are: Self-image, Hiding, Self-acceptance, and Individuality.

“Another member could easily experience a completely different set of emotions and come to a different conclusion from the symbols drawn. This is the true beauty of Star Journey, as it allows each person to discover inner awareness and peace by navigating through the numerous locations on the island.”


— Comments from graduate nursing students
    University of North Carolina–Charlotte, 2010, 2011